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Our Customizable Frames

We believe frames are eye candy for your face.

Our collections range from funky to sparkly, modern to retro, and unique to traditional.

Boutique eyeglass shop in Gig Harbor.

You deserve better frames.


We work with independent vendors known for their handcrafted and quality products. Our optician will personalize your frame styling with your features and visual needs in mind.


Most of our lines are independent and not found in any retail chain or online. Let us show you the quality and comfort that a handcrafted frame will offer you, and allow us the opportunity to select the perfect pair, or two or three, for you that will last for years to come.


Eye Candy Optical...home of sweet treats for your eyes.

Check out our delectable extras below.

We think you'll find something yummy.

Young woman wearing eyeglasses

Come In For a Styling Consultation and
Join The Sweet Treat Club


Roger - Anti-Thesis of Boring.


"ROGER is an easy and fashionable collection with soft shapes, exciting colors made from high quality materials according to the newest techniques. Simple shapes put into an exciting frame." - Roger, Designer

Highlights: Colorful, Boutique, Funky.

Great For: Expressive Style, Statement Outfits

iGreen - Eco friendly.

Eyeglass frame

"Thanks to Thema’s investment in eco-friendly equipment and processes, iGreen frames are not only stylish, incredibly light, flexible and highly customizable but also fabricated using significantly less water and electricity during manufacture."

Highlights: Customizable, lightweight, as unique as you.

Great For: Eco conscious clients looking for comfort.

Mattisse - Hand painted.

Eyeglass frame

"The Mattisse collection combines outstanding colors with contemporary styles. All hand painting is done in ITALY and protected by a NEW state of the art laminate process that extends the long life of this unique product. All our frames are optical ready."

Highlights:  Colorful, Fashion, Painted in Italy

Great For:      Fun shapes,

Eclectic Fashion with lots of color.

Ovvo - Virtually Indestructible.

ovvo frame.png

"We utilize the highest grade materials then implement patented technology to create advanced innovation across all OVVO Optics collections. This passion for precision and performance is evident in the sophisticated design, optimum reliability, and lightweight comfort of every frame." Ovvo Website

Highlights: High-Performance, Durable, Lightweight.

Great For: Active clients with a need for fashion.


Take a Sneak Peak of Our Eyeglass Selection
with our Optometrist, Dr. Kandi Moller

Our optometrist, Dr. Kandi Moller showing off the Raincity Eyewear line.

Not only can you pick up trendy frames to match your style, you can protect your eyes with magnetic clip-on polarized sunglasses that actually look cool.

Our Eco line getting some love from Dr. Kandi.

This nude pair of Eco frames can be dressed up or worn with casual attire.

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Customizable Frames

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