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Insurance & Payment Info

Outside prescriptions are accepted.

New patients are always welcome.

We specialize in helping you with binocular vision dysfunction.

Symptoms include headaches, migraines, dizziness, anxiety, difficulty walking/reading/driving, motion sickness, nausea, blurred vision, double vision, & more. These exams are billed to medical plans, not vision.

Our office is in-network with and can bill most health insurance plans:
Medicare, Regence, Anthem, Uniform, First Choice, UHC, Cigna, Tricare...

Young man wearing glasses

Confused about your vision & medical plan?​
You should be, since those companies do it intentionally.

They don't want to pay $$$ when it is their job to make $$$.

  • We need to know MEDICAL & VISION plans when you make an appointment so we can look it up for our office.

  • Do you need medical concerns addressed or have questions about:

    • styes, dry eyes, infections, injuries

    • diabetes

    • glaucoma

    • cataracts

    • floaters

    • macular degeneration, & more

These are billed as medical visits and may be covered by your medical plan, such as Medicare, Regence, UHC, Tricare, First Choice, etc​.
We are in-network with most plans & can bill them directly for you!

Want your vision checked & also have questions about dry eyes or any issues listed above? 


These are also billed as medical visits and may be covered by your medical plan, and you will need to pay for the refraction, images, and medical copay, etc.

Want your vision checked & you don't have any medical issues or findings at that visit?


This is billed as vision visit and can be billed to your vision plan.

Now, this is where it gets confusing--who is your vision plan?

What You Get With Eye Candy Optical

With us, you get up to 1-hour vision appointments with Dr. Kandi, frame lines exclusive to our office and from other small businesses, NO AIR PUFF, digital images inside your eyes, and advanced medical equipment at our fingertips.


You also have FREEDOM to choose from any frame or lens, and you get our premium lens technology from our labs, sometimes we can make them in-house!

  • *not all plans have out-of-network benefits, not all frames/lenses are eligible for the match, see store for details

  • We are in-network with most medical plans & can bill them directly for you!

Medical Insurance sometimes includes vision...

Some medical plans have vision benefits embedded, but most of the time they use a 3rd party discount plan.


And your medical plan WON'T TELL YOU WHICH ONE IT IS. They might say it is through "Company A" when actually it is through "Company U".  And we may not be able to bill "Company U".


Don't be mad at us, be mad at them for lying to you. It's a game, and they hold all the pieces and are constantly rewriting the rules.

  • These 3rd party plans include VSP, EyeMed, Davis, Spectera, & others. Those companies often own offices they want you to go to, own the frame lines they want you to buy, own the labs that make the get the idea.

  • The 3rd party plans also have NOT raised rates paid to optometrists. Ever. So they pay the same rates they paid decades ago.

    • Would you work for the same pay you got decades ago?

    • Would you work with a company that dictates how you run your business

    • ...and dictates what choices your patients have

    • ...and takes money back from you years later (really!)

    • ...and lies about the benefits

    • ...& pays you so little you have to see patients every 10 minutes?

    • Neither will we! on...

  • Because we disagree with the way they treat doctors, offices, and their own clients, we have taken a stand & don't have contracts with those 3rd party plans,             but you can still use your benefits*!

  • WE do all the work: WE look up your benefits, WE match up to $100 of your glasses benefit, you pay us, WE submit the claim, you get reimbursed the allowed amount. Easy peasy.

  • Your money stays with small business, not huge corporations.


Medical Plans & Visits

Your visit is a medical office visit if you have or want advice/reports for cataracts, diabetes, headaches, dry eyes, allergies, and many other conditions.

Dr. Moller has specialized equipment: Optos retinal imaging, corneal topography, ocular coherence tomography, visual fields, dry eye treatment, and our most exciting BVD specialty to check for eye misalignment.

Close up of a human eye

Preserve Your Most Precious Sense.


It’s easy to assume blurred vision means your prescription has changed and new glasses will fix it. Too often that is not the case, and it may be caused by an eye or body (systemic) disease, like cataracts, diabetes, brain tumors, keratoconus.


We are following insurance rules and are required to bill this way, even if you don't have insurance. You will have to pay a fee ($50) to find the glasses prescription

since medical plans & Medicare do not cover that service.


No Vision Plan?
We have you covered.

Even without an insurance plan, you can still receive medical eye exams from our optometrist office. We give a prompt pay discount on our vision exams as well.

On top of that, we offer CareCredit as a way to finance your medical care and prescription frames. Visit to learn more or call our office at (253) 432-4303 for more information.

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