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No Boring Glasses Here!

Updated: May 7, 2021

What is your most important sense? I’ll bet it’s sight. So why not wear the best lenses in the most exciting frames you can find? Glasses do more than help you see clearly. They should reflect your personality and sense of style. They are eye candy for your face.

Decades ago glasses weren’t considered fashionable. They just fulfilled a need, and probably were uncomfortable or made you look like a dork in the process. I got my first pair in 1979 so I know all about dorky glasses, and I remember my sister’s drop temple pair--ugh, although I’m sure they will come back in style since I’ve seen a few variations on it already, eeeeek.

And lenses were b-a-s-i-c and heavy. Now we have thin light plastics, premium multi-layer coatings and 100% digitally-designed and -surfaced lenses. High quality means you spend more….so you’re not getting it at corporate opticals, membership clubs, and online. You do get what you pay for, and your eyes deserve the best. And your face deserves the best frame!

Glasses are one of the first things folks see about you. And it will affect their perception of you. Do you look smart? Stylish? Frumpy? Young? What kind of a look do you want to have?

Speaking of looks, you need more than one pair. You have more than one pair of black shoes or more than one coat or purse….why restrict that thing at the center of your face to being the same... You change outfits daily, why not glasses to match? Heck, get glasses to match your mood.

Try lots of frames on. My favorite pairs I never thought I would like….but I LOVE them. These are definitely unique and statement pieces and not what i would have remotely considered before trying them on. So experiment and have fun. Brown and black are utilitarian and go with everything, but aren’t they also kind of boring? Add some bright gold, a pop of red or pink or blue. Maybe just the temples (or arms) of the glasses. Zebra. Polka dots!

My next pair I customized myself, with glitter!

Did you know that the majority of frames are made by only a few giant corporations? They control your choices with their mass-produced unimaginative and uninspired choices. That’s why Eye Candy carries many independent lines of frames, made by small designers of small companies, often hand-made with high-quality acetate and metals. So let’s give the evil corporations the finger! Support new, support innovation, support small business!

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