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About Eye Candy Optical

Laugh with us. Sing with us. Dance with us.

We treat you like watch out ;)

Meet Our Delectable Team & Book Today

Dr. Kandi Moller

Optometrist | Jokester | Cat-Lover | Pig Mom

Dr. Kandi Moller grew up in the midwest and is a self-professed cat freak, currently being owned by 7 with her husband. Two pet pigs (yes, they live in the house & are potty-trained), chickens, & a turkey complete the menagerie.


With 20 years of optometric experience, she decided to open her own office to offer personalized care and unique frames with a fun atmosphere. She may sing or dance to you and will definitely laugh a lot, so be prepared to not have your typical boring office visit. A high myope herself, she has specialized equipment and certifications to combat & manage myopia in future generations to decrease their risks of blinding eye diseases.

June 2019 she had a takotsubo heart attack, and her life was saved by CPR.

 Dr. Kandi Moller
Robert Moller

Robert Moller

Marketer | Mr. Personality | Dr's Husband & Rock

Never known to be shy, Robert has the gift of gab and heart of gold. He's managed to put up with Dr. Moller for over 20 years now, so please express your sympathy to him.

Gumdrop the Pig

Ambassador | Troublemaker | Socialite | Head Turner

How does one describe Gumdrop? Favorite past times: always causing trouble, snuffling for treats, tediously twirling on command for Cheerios, stealing peanut butter crackers from daddy, tilling up the garden, and modeling her tutus.

Gumdrop the pig

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Customizable Frames

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