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Binocular Vision Dysfunction

That is quite a mouthful, so we call it BVD.

But we're talking about your eyes, not your mouth ;-)

Do you suffer from:

 headache - dizziness - migraine - reading difficulty - neckache - double vision - clumsiness - ADHD -

- anxiety - nausea - light sensitivity - post-concussion symptoms - & more -

Have you been to every specialist,

tried every treatment,

used every medicine,

been told "it's all in your head"?

Well, IT IS.

And Dr. Kandi is here to help you

find relief...finally.

- no surgery - no drugs - no needles - no mumbo-jumbo

What is binocular vision dysfunction?

 Watch a TedX talk about BVD 

& Neurovisual Medicine      


Even if you think you see fine...take the test.

Better yet, give it to a loved one that is suffering.

Are any of these symptoms or stories familiar?

Want to know if you have BVD?

Dr. Moller was amazing! She was friendly, answered my questions and very knowledgeable. After a thorough exam, I ended up with new glasses. My headaches and motion sickness are completely gone.

Dr. Kandi was able to diagnosis me with BVD and everything finally made sense! Dr. Kandi has an amazing and thorough process to properly diagnose for BVD. The first pair of prism glasses have helped a lot, but after my second appointment to update my prescription it was so much better! I literally cried while wearing the new prisms out of joy, relief, and happiness. Thank you so much, Dr. Kandi!


Want to know if you have BVD?

BVD exams are billable to medical insurance.

hard-candy (1).jpeg

We accept most insurance plans and can help you determine if your visit is covered.

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Binocular Vision Dysfunction

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