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Glasses Fitting

Our Scrumptious Services

Tired of impersonal service & blah frames?

You've come to the right place.

1-Hour Eye Exams & No Air Puff Ever

Here is a taste of our eye care offerings.

There’s much more to Eye Candy Optical than incredible glasses and outstanding vision & medical exams. We also offer a range of special services that really makes us a must-visit destination in Gig Harbor.


Check out our delectable extras below.

We think you'll find something yummy.

Eye Candy Optical patient wearing sunglasses

Eye Exams


Laugh & actually enjoy your time with Dr. Kandi


We accept Blue Cross, Anthem, Premera, MultiCare, First Choice, HMA, Medicare, Tricare, United Health Care, Cigna.


Vision may be inside your medical plan, or through a 3rd-party discounter like VSP, Davis, EyeMed, Spectera.  Request an appointment,

call 253-432-4303, or message to discuss options.

Dr. Kandi is only a phone call away for you.

No boring frames!

Customize your own delicious pair of frames to be as unique as you. Really--design your own frames no one else has, made in America!

Eye Exams at Eye Candy Optical
Eye Exams


Neurolens gives you relief from eyestrain, headaches, motion sickness, neck pain, migraines, & more.

Eye Candy Optical is the only eye clinic in the Gig Harbor area that is offering this effective and exclusive service.

Exclusive to Eye Candy Optical in Gig Harbor.

Learn more about this life-changing lens.


Customizable Frames

We believe frames are eye candy for your face. From funky to sparkly, modern to retro, unique to traditional - we have the largest selection of high-end frames that compliment your face and highlight your personal style.

Customize your own delicious pair to be as unique as you are!

No boring frames!

Customize your own delicious pair of frames to be as unique as you.

Customizable eyeglass frame
Customizable Frames

Overnight Vision Correction

In fancy medical lingo, we call overnight vision correction, "Orthokeratology". This is your
best alternative to surgery.​

This specialized is safe, reversible, and very gentle. Improvements can usually be seen the next day, with the procedure stabilizing after a week for most patients.

Get freedom from glasses and contact lenses. 

Discover if Ortho-K is right for you.

Overnight Vision Correction

Myopia Management

Are you worried that your child will grow up to be “blind” like you? Is the prescription increasing year after year?​

Dr. Moller grew up to become very nearsighted, so has a special interest in treating/preventing myopia in young people. Request an appointment, call 253-432-4303, or message her to discuss options. She is only a phone call away for you.

A life with thick glasses is not destined.

Give your kids a childhood free from


Myopia Management
Myopia Management
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