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Water Drops
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Do you wonder if you have dry eyes?

If you suffer from:

  • dryness

  • grittiness

  • scratchiness

  • stinging

  • sore/irritated

  • watering (yes, really!)

  • eye fatigue

  • contact lens discomfort

  • fluctuating vision

  • itching

  • light sensitivity

Or are you tired of using eye drops, with little to no lasting improvement??

You may have "dry eye,"

or poor quality tear film.​


We have exclusive dry eye treatment that WORKS,

AND it stimulates collagen production.

        Why is that a big deal? Collagen is the protein in our skin

        that provides structure & prevents sagging--so your skin is

        plumper & younger looking with fewer wrinkles & fine lines.

                           THAT got your attention, didn't it???


How does it help dry eyes? We all have meibomian, or oil, glands in our eyelids. This oil is the crucial top layer to our tears. At least 80% of us have meibomian gland disease (MGD), which means the oil from these glands hardens and plugs up the glands, and they eventually die. This lack of oil  then causes the tears to evaporate and disappear, causing you dry eye symptoms.

The best way to treat MGD is with HEAT to keep the oil from hardening. Traditionally we used warm compresses, but those don't get hot enough for long enough to make any difference.

Eterna uses radio frequency to heat up those glands to the correct temperature for the correct length of time. 


See us for a soothing, relaxing, spa-like experience.

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