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Vision & Medical Exams & Plans

What's the difference?

If you have a complaint or question you want addressed (like floaters, cataracts, diabetes, irritation, dry eyes), this will bill as MEDICAL, NOT VISION. If we find a medical reason for vision changes, this will bill as medical. It’s easy to assume blurred vision means your prescription has changed and new glasses will fix it. Too often that is not the case, and it may be caused by an eye or body (systemic) disease, like cataracts, diabetes, brain tumors, keratoconus. We are following insurance rules and are required to bill this way, even if you don't have insurance. You will have to pay a fee ($50) to find the glasses prescription

since medical plans & Medicare do not cover that service.


We accept almost any vision or medical plan.

*Benefits are estimates and are not guarantees of payment. Patient assumes full responsibility to pay what the plan does not.

Medical Plans & Visits

Preserve your most precious sense

We are in-network with most medical plans for Blue Cross, Medicare, United HealthCare, Premera, Tricare, First Choice, Multicare, & Cigna.

Your visit is a medical office visit if you have or want advice/reports for cataracts, diabetes, headaches,

dry eyes, allergies, and many other conditions.

Dr. Moller has specialized equipment: Optos retinal imaging, corneal topography, ocular coherence tomography,

visual fields, and our newest

Neurolens to check for eye misalignment.

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