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What is Orthokeratology? AKA: Eye Voodoo

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

How exciting would to wake up and not need glasses or contacts to see?

Without surgery?

Our patients call it voodoo…...we call it orthokeratology (OK), or overnight vision correction.

1. What is Orthokeratology?

Our doctor designs a specially-shaped gas permeable retainer lens that you sleep in overnight, it gently reshapes the surface of your eye, and upon waking you remove it and you can see….without glasses or contacts!

2. How long does OK last?

That’s the beauty….it lasts throughout the day whether you are at school, at the office, kayaking, or hiking. For best results, wear the retainer nightly to maintain the effect, then wake up and see great again!

3. Will I still need glasses or contacts?

The effect may take a few days to a few weeks to have maximum effect, so we will provide you with temporary correction to get you through those times. Once the maximum effect is reached, you don’t need glasses or regular contacts anymore. Now, if you skip a few nights of wearing the retainers, you may need your glasses again.

4. Why should I consider OK?

  1. Are you tired of your glasses fogging with your mask?

  2. Are your contacts bugging you during the day or by evening?

  3. Do you want to be able to wear fun sunglasses?

  4. No more rain on your glasses!

  5. Does the permanence of surgery frighten you? Or are you not a candidate?

  6. Is your active lifestyle limited, whether it be kayaking, SUP, hiking, skiing… more worries about wearing goggles over the contacts or losing your glasses in the water!

5. How do I care for the retainers? How long do they last?

Care is similar to traditional soft or gas permeable contacts, with a few caveats. We will make sure you have the knowledge to care for your retainers. And we are always here if you have any questions or problems. The retainers should last a year with proper care and be replaced yearly for optimum effect and health. A backup set is recommended, as loss or breakage are possible.

6. Alright, doc, I’ve had eye exams for years and have never heard of this. Is this real?

Ha ha! We hear that all the time. This is a specialization that few optometrists are doing.

It requires special training (more than what is required to maintain our license), high-tech

equipment that not all have in their offices, and a sense of adventure and fun!

7. Sounds incredible! Can anyone do it?

Kids to adults can do it! Nearsighted folks with little astigmatism are usually ideal candidates, but we will figure that out with you. First you need your annual comprehensive vision exam to check for diseases or conditions which might be a concern. Then we do a consultation, in which we talk more about your prescription and your goals. We do corneal topography, or take a map, of the hills and valleys of the surface of the eye. We will go over what is expected of you during the process, and what is expected of us, to make you successful. This consultation is $100 and is applied to the program.

Want to know if you are an Ortho-K candidate? Take our FREE quiz to find out!

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